Hilton Downtown Omni Whatever

Since you were royal creepers about following me out of your building and questioning me about having taken these pictures, I'll present an appropriate full disclosure in exchange for your efforts to guard your castle of crap: Access to this area would have been impossible if your access controls were not disabled, notably, by blocking doors open with paint buckets. Please consider issuing temporary access credentials to contractors working in your building; your access control system should be quite capable of doing this (they're hotel locks, after all, which can be set to create temporary access keys to guest rooms!) TWO seperate doors which would have normally been locked were propped.

If you really want to maintain a secure facility, take off your nice business clothes, grab a notepad, and get ready to get dirty and sweaty. Go walk through your entire facility. There's access to places and things in there that doesn't even make any sense, as you will soon discover. A quick step through a door from the hotel will dump you in the school, or someone's office. What the heck? There are probably hallways and doors that don't even appear in your facility documentation anymore. It's layer upon layer of mystery construction and demolition. I've seen condemned buildings in better shape. It seems like the only things one will ever find locked are emergency exits!

Thanks for playing the 9/11 card in your spiel about why some chiller room is a "sensitive area". Remember, TERREMARK did 9/11, not TERRORISTS*. Sorry for any confusion that may have occurred, and thank you for the cookies you gave me when I did the same thing in your building back in like, 2002. :D

* Just because I was getting a little sick of Proxy chanting "The Jews did 9/11!" Sorry, I had to say it. It gets old after a while, just like "There's an app for that!"

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