Prize Machine

Inside the prize machine... it's one of those "Stop The Light" kind of games. This kind irritates me though; unlike the old Cyclone game, in which the moving light stops INSTANTLY upon hitting the stop button, these instead start a flashy and somewhat jittery countdown to stopping which is almost obviously rigged. Even the best timing won't get you a prize most of the time unless the machine's programmed win ratio happens to be on your side.

On a side note, the trick to "Cyclone" has to do with the fact that the filaments in the incandescent bulbs take a few milliseconds to heat up and glow, and a longer period of time to extinguish - thus, the light that appears to be lit may have already been turned off by the game, and no longer in the jackpot zone! You just have to get the timing right and nail it repeatedly. I once watched a little kid gradually disappear in an ever growing mound of tickets at Boomers as he stood there, nailing the jackpot on EVERY play. I can't imagine Cyclone would play as well with LED lights installed... it'd be too easy!


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