Gift Shop!

The service plaza's gift shop. These were always fun, though they had strangely limited hours - if you weren't travelling during the 9 to 5 hours, you'd just find them closed. They always had a huge variety of Florida and sometimes Disney souvenirs, all of which had pretty obviously just fallen off of a Chinese freighter somewhere. The Disney stuff disappeared in the last few years, likely due to a lack of proper licensing.

I love the wall of candy that can lead the eye back to a tiny darkened corner marked "HEALTHIER SNACKS". (This meaning, "Less Sugar, More Salt").

For a while, you also used to be able to buy those awesome Hawaiian style shirts that they also used as the Turnpike toll collectors' uniform shirts at these service plazas. They cost like $30... or about as much as you'd spend in tolls travelling the entire Turnpike system.


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